Empire of Liberty by Gordon S. Wood – Chapter 10: The Jeffersonian West 

Thought Questions

  • Describe the territory, occupation and organization of the Ohio country (Ohio, Indiana and Illinois)
  • How did William Henry Harrison and slave power introduce slavery into the Indiana territory and how was it eliminated?
  • Who was Timothy Pickering? 
  • What were the circumstances and considerations surrounding the Louisiana Purchase? 
  • Describe the territory and initial occupation and organization of the Louisiana Territory
  • Describe the territory, acquisition of East and West Florida? 
  • What were the public and private reasons for the Lewis and Clark expedition? 
  • Who was John Jacob Astor? Who was Zebulon Pike?
  • Who was Aaron Burr and what role did he play in the west? 
  • What were some of the “scientific” theories about North American nature and how was this related to Jefferson’s “Notes on the State of Virginia”? 

Primary Sources


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