The Pursuit of Glory by Tim Blanning – Chapter 3: Trade and Manufacturing 

American History students should note the context of the Navigation Acts and European taxes as well as the “Guild System” that forced many Europeans to seek opportunity in America. 

Thought Questions

  • How did trade with the Americas change European demographics and jobs in the 18th century?
  • How did the Dutch create an international trading system in Northern Europe? 
  • How did changing transportation networks facilitate a European wide market? 
  • How did the Dutch financial industry help them achieve dominance in trade? 
  • What were the English Navigation Acts and why were they enacted? 
  • How did the southern Europeans begin to emerge as trading powers? 
  • What was the “Guild System” and how did it effect immigration from Europe?

The Pursuit of Glory by Tim Blanning – Chapter 2: People

Thought Questions

  • What was the relationship between economic development and change and population in the 18th century?
  • What changes in the family and marriage occured in the 18th century? 
  • What was the Thirty Years War and how did it effect the European population?
  • How did military conflict change after the Thirty Years War? 
  • How are War, Famine and Disease related to each other? 
  • In what ways did medicine and health science advance in the 18th century and what factors contributed to these changes? 
  • How did gender, family and marriage effect life and change during the 18th century?

The Pursuit of Glory by Tim Blanning – Chapter 1: Communication

Thought Questions

  • What were roads like in the 18th century and how did this effect communication and commerce?
  • What advantages did the “planned” Colonial American communities have in transportation and communication? 
  • What was a European turnpike and what social changes did they bring about?
  • What were the advantages and disadvantages of coastal sea travel? of inland waterways?
  • How did easy access to inland waterways economically assist the Netherlands? 
  • How did the spread of clocks and watches effect European society? 
  • How did waterway canals multiply the ability of animals to move people and cargo? 
  • What are the major rivers of the German states, France and Austria-Hungary? 
  • How did customs barriers and internal tariffs and tolls effect economic activity and development in the 18th century? 
  • How did the development of dependable postal services influence European development during the 18th century?