World War I The Russian Revolution and Stalinism

Chapter 2: Lado’s Disciple – Part 1 :: Stalin: Paradoxes of Power by Stephen Kotkin

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Response / Thought Quotes

  • “He also developed into a voracious reader who started keeping a notebook of thoughts and ideas.”
  • “Because peasants in communes held no private property as individuals—either before or after emancipation—thinkers such as Herzen and Bakunin imagined the empire’s peasants to be inherently socialist and therefore, they argued, in Russia socialism could appear essentially before capitalism.”

Thought Questions

  • Briefly describe the history of Georgia and its relationship to Russia
  • How was 19th century Georgia in a period of transition? How was this different from the changes that took place in the 17th and 18th century?
  • Compare and Contrast: the human environment in Georgia villages such as Gori (I not Y) and the more urban Tblisi (Tbl – isi)
  • What role did the Russian Orthodox Church play in cultural life and education in Georgia
  • What role did the Russian Orthodox Church play in the early life of Jughashvili (spelling hint: Jug-hash-vili, a Jug of Hash with Vili)
  • Describe the educational experience of Jughashvili
  • Who was Vladimir “Lado” Ketskhoveli and what influence did he have on Jughashvili?
  • Describe the Georgia nationalist movement in the late 19th century
  • Regarding his skill as an insurgent. Explain and Expand: “But in 1895–96, he had to conceal his own Georgian-language poetry publishing triumph from the Russifying seminary authorities.”
  • Describe Jughashvili’s transition from populist nationalism to Marxism
  • Describe the Marxist theory behind the evolution of governing systems
  • How was Marxist theory blend with Russian history in the late 19th century?
  • What did Marx think of Russian evolution?
  • Explain and Expand on the relationship between Socialism and Communism
  • Compare and Contrast: Socialism and Communism
  • In what ways did Marx build theories on Adam Smith’s philosophy?
  • What was the International Workmen’s Association?
  • Who was Georgi Plekhanov?

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