National Socialism, The Holocaust and World War II Reading Group

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National Socialism, The Holocaust and World War II Reading Group

Please Note: If you are sympathetic to National Socialism or intend to excuse, defend, deny or distort the Holocaust, its perpetrators, National Socialism or any of its related institutions or spread antisemitism or any other kind of racial or religious theories or hatred, your agenda is not welcome here.

A casual overview of this period in European history reveals an unmistakable connection between the events in Russia and the events in Germany after World War I. Therefore this group is intended to compliment the study in the Stalinism, the Russian Revolution and Civil War Study Group.

Study Reading Group starting January 2018

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Thank you for your interest and participation.

The Thought Questions and Response Quotes are provided for thought and discussion. Feel free to add you're own quotes and thought questions on our Facebook page for the current chapter if you're reading along with us online.

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Our current book

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  • Preface

Part 1 - The Legacy of The Past

  1. German Peculiarities
  2. Gospels of Hate
  3. The Spirit of 1914
  4. Descent into Chaos

Part 2 - The Failure of Democracy

  1. The Weaknesses of Weimar
  2. The Great Inflation
  3. Culture Wars
  4. The Fit and The Unfit

Part 3 - The Rise of Nazism

  1. Bohemian Revolutionaries
  2. The Beer-Hall Putsch
  3. Rebuilding The Movement
  4. The Roots of Commitment

Part 4 - Towards The Seizure of Power

  1. The Great Depression
  2. The Crisis of Democracy
  3. The Victory of Violence
  4. Fateful Decisions

Part 5 - Creating The Third Reich

  1. The Terror Begins
  2. Fire In The Reichstag
  3. Democracy Destroyed
  4. Bringing Germany Into Line

Part 6 - Hitler’s Cultural Revolution

  1. Discordant Notes
  2. The Purge of The Arts
  3. ‘Against The Un-German Spirit’
  4. A ‘Revolution of Destruction’?