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The American Jazz Age, Great Depression and New Deal Era
Reading Group

This is a friendly group of people interested in reading great books about the American Jazz Age, Great Depression and New Deal Era Period c.1920 to 1945. It covers the domestic aspects of World War II, not the foreign aspects.

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American Jazz Age, Great Depression and New Deal Era Group Reading List (World War II Other Than The Home front is covered elsewhere)

  1. Anything Goes: A Biography of the Roaring Twenties by Lucy Moore
  2. The Perils of Prosperity, 1914-1932 (2nd Edition) by William E. Leuchtenburg
  3. Cannery Women, Cannery Lives: Mexican Women, Unionization, and the California Food Processing Industry, 1930-1950 by Vicki L. Ruiz
  4. The Worst Hard Time: The Untold Story of Those Who Survived the Great American Dust Bowl by Timothy Egan
  5. Flappers: Six Women of a Dangerous Generation by Judith Mackrell
  6. Last Call: The Rise and Fall of Prohibition by Daniel Okrent
  7. Hoover: An Extraordinary Life in Extraordinary Times by Kenneth Whyte
  8. Silk Stockings and Socialism: Philadelphia's Radical Hosiery Workers from the Jazz Age to the New Deal by Sharon McConnell-Sidorick
  9. Becoming Mexican American: Ethnicity, Culture, and Identity in Chicano Los Angeles, 1900-1945 by George J. Sanchez
  10. Freedom from Fear: The American People in Depression and War, 1929-1945 by David M. Kennedy
  11. Code Girls: The Untold Story of the American Women Code Breakers of World War II by Liza Mundy
  12. A Call to Arms: Mobilizing America for World War II by Maury Klein
  13. South Side Girls: Growing Up in the Great Migration by Marcia Chatelain
  14. Our Mothers' War: American Women at Home and at the Front During World War II by Emily Yellin
  15. Supreme City: How Jazz Age Manhattan Gave Birth to Modern America by Donald L. Miller
  16. The Radium Girls: The Dark Story of America's Shining Women by Kate Moore
  17. Dancing in the Dark: A Cultural History of the Great Depression by Morris Dickstein
  18. From Coveralls to Zoot Suits: The Lives of Mexican American Women on the World War II Home Front by Elizabeth R. Escobedo
  19. The Modern Temper: American Culture and Society in the 1920s by Lynn Dumenil
  20. Gangsters and Gold Diggers: Old New York, the Jazz Age, and the Birth of Broadway by Jerome Charyn
  21. 1941: Fighting the Shadow War: A Divided America in a World at War by Marc Wortman
  22. The Last Madam: A Life in the New Orleans Underworld by Chris Wiltz
  23. Empire of Sin: A Story of Sex, Jazz, Murder, and the Battle for Modern New Orleans by Gary Krist
  24. The Woman in the Zoot Suit: Gender, Nationalism, and the Cultural Politics of Memory by Catherine S. Ramírez
  25. Gay New York: Gender, Urban Culture, and the Making of the Gay Male World, 1890-1940 by George Chauncey
  26. No Ordinary Time: Franklin & Eleanor Roosevelt: The Home Front in World War II by Doris Kearns Goodwin
  27. Freedom's Forge: How American Business Produced Victory in World War II by Arthur Herman
  28. Rainbow's End: The Crash of 1929 by Maury Klein
  29. The New Deal: A Modern History by Michael Hiltzik
  30. The Warmth of Other Suns: The Epic Story of America's Great Migration by Isabel Wilkerson

After the first books listed above we will select the next books we read from the list below. Provide us feedback and suggestions for our next book by clicking here.

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