American Revolution Primary Source Documents

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American Revolutionary Period (1763-1789) Source Documents



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Document Collections

  • Primary Sources related to George Washington
  • Benjamin Franklin: Writings, Two Volumes (Library of America)
  • George Washington: Writings (Library of America)
  • John Adams: Writings: Two Volumes (Library of America)
  • Thomas Jefferson: Writings: (Library of America)
  • James Madison: Writings: 1772-1836 (Library of America)
  • Alexander Hamilton: Writings (Library of America)
  • John Marshall: Writings (Library of America)
  • Thomas Paine: Collected Writings (Library of America)
  • The American Revolution: Writings from the Pamphlet Debate, Two Volumes (Library of America)
  • The American Revolution: Writings from the War of Independence (Library of America)
  • The Debate on the Constitution, Two Volumes (Library of America)