Historical Primary Sources

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Historical Primary Sources

Below is a list of primary source documents, audio files and videos on American History and history in general.

Online General Primary Collections

Published primary Source Collections - by Theme

  • American Labor: A Documentary Collection by Melvyn Dubofsky (Editor), Joseph A. McCartin (Editor)
  • Quaker Writings: An Anthology, 1650-1920 by Thomas D. Hamm (Editor)

Primary sources and Archives - By Period

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  • Mexican American War Era (c.1840-1850)
  • American Civil War and Reconstruction Era (c.1846-1876)
  • Gilded Age, Populist and Progressive Era (c.1877-1920)
  • Spanish American War Era (c.1896-1900)
  • World War I Era (c.1900-1919)
  • Jazz Age, Great Depression, Dust Bowl and New Deal Era (c.1920-1939)
  • World War II Era (c.1919-1945)
  • Post World War II Era (c.1945-1976)
  • Korean War Era (c.1948-1953)
  • Vietnam War Era (c.1954-1975)

primary sources and Archives - By Theme

  • Slavery and Forced Labor History (c.1585-1976)
  • American Free Labor History (c.1585-1976)
  • African American History (c.1863-1976)
  • Native American History (c.1585-1976)
  • Hispanic American History (c.1776-1976)
  • Asian American History (c.1776-1976)
  • The American West (c.1763-1899)
  • American Space Program (c.1950-2015)
  • Civil Rights and Social Justice Movement (c.1776-1976)

Newspaper Archives

Historical Photo Archives

Other Primary Sources